AVAILABLE: Office manager

by monica fabiani

I am the go-to person for multi-layered solutions; Daring to go into the unknown, I use collaborative team approaches to achieve the best results for the bigger picture. For me, problems are opportunities to address gaps in the system.

I am a communicative and people-oriented, organizationally effective operations coordinator who satisfies clients’ needs using intuitive approaches in international contexts. I thrive on responding to emergencies, maintaining objectivity while creating solutions that provide the needed short and long term results within safety and quality guidelines.

Over ten years’ coordinating operations, I have refined my skills sourcing suppliers, responding to emergencies and managing projects from A to Z within three different industry sectors: travel, manufacturing and shipping. My diploma in accountancy has formed the foundation upon which these experientially learned skills have been developed.

In my private life I take every possible opportunity to spend time in the natural coastal environment, taking pictures and exploring the hidden gems of nature. I share my artistic and culinary creations with my friends, staying physically active with adventures in windsurfing, tour skiing, trekking and mountain biking. An explorer of the world, I learn about new cultures from the people themselves and through my photography.

Specializations: client focus, people oriented, project management, problem solving, emergency , solutions, mediation, supplier sourcing, organization, accounting,multi-lingual, autodidact, self-taught, photography, multicultural, cooking, shipping, manufacturing, travel, implementing systems , training people
I am fluent in French, Spanish , English native italian
Searching a role a Operation /Office manager which involves a multiplicity of tasks

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Nov 19, 2017
Job Vacancy
by: Cristina

Please send your CV to info@mypropertiesinmarbella.com

Jan 16, 2017
by: Anonymous

Please send your CV to simoncockings@gmail.com

Dec 09, 2016
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