Adam Freeman Golf Academy summer camp

Adam Freeman Golf Academy summer camp

Adam Freeman Golf Academy summer camp



5 Day Kids Summer Golf Camps at Adam Freeman Golf Academy

This year there are 2 camps focusing on kids that can already show ability in golf, just as it is important to have fun, I want to focus on improving every aspect of their game and keep a competitive social environment. Both camps run Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:30pm.

Camp 1: Ages 6-9 years, July 18 - 22 at La Resina Golf & Country Club, Estepona.

Camp 2 Ages 10-14 years, August 1 - 5 & August 8 – 12 at Atalaya Golf & Country Club Estepona (near San Pedro).

Price for each student is 199 euro including equipment (should you not have your own).

5 Days, 3.5 hours per day Monday to Friday 09:00am to 12:30pm

Includes Golf Equipment, Practice Balls, Refreshments & Healthy Food

2 Locations
Atalaya Golf & Country Club, Estepona
La Resina Golf Club, Estepona

The Marbella Summer Golf Camp 2011 Programme assists the student in developing simple techniques and beliefs that produce effective results. Our teaching of golf is grounded totally on undeniable facts, giving the student complete confidence in what they are learning and total trust in their teacher. These basic principles must always be maintained in order to play great golf.

The Adam Freeman Summer Golf Camp Programme likes to work the student from the putting green, back to the tee box. Starting with putting (over 55% of the game), onto chipping from around the green, pitching, short irons, and up to the full swing, as this develops the student not only into an all round golfer, but allows the student to actually get onto the golf course from the very first lesson, adding essential confidence at each stage for amazingly quick results

The Marbella Summer Golf Camps will comprise of:


Putting – This gets you playing onto the golf course from day one and establishes the fundamental of the set-up and stance. Putting is over 50% of the whole game and includes lots of fun exercises and a competition at the end of the day.


Chipping - How to get up and down from the edge of the green. The natural follow on from “Putting” and establishes confidence and includes fun games and a competition at the end of the day.


Swing Lesson – Educating the player that in reality they will hit more bad shots than good, and explains why so lowering expectations and building true confidence in individual abilities, by teaching simply techniques that every player must apply to all sports in order to achieve results, showing the similarities and not the differences. When you hit bad shots, what have you done? & how do you correct it?


Putting, Chipping & Swing Practice & Lesson on Golf Course Etiquette.

Spending the morning covering all we have done and have achieved with practice including games and a competition. A lesson on how to behave on the golf course and inside the club house. This involves a multiple choice test with a prize.


Golf Course Playing Lesson – Here we spend our time putting it all together on the golf course playing some holes like the professionals and a lesson on how to "See Success" when you play.

To book a Marbella summer golf camp date contact Adam on (+34) 656 321 139 or -

Visit our website or the Adam Freeman Golf Academy for more information & golf course directions.

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Jul 02, 2011
Marbella golf camp
by: Anonymous

Hi Adam, my kids thoroughly enjoyed their summer camp with you last year and they are really looking forward to doing it again this year.

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