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Marbella Family Fun Weekly Newsletter -- September 28, 2012
September 28, 2012

Marbella Family Fun update - Friday September 28, 2012

* English movie listings

This is the listing for movies that are playing in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol in English from Friday September 28th until Thursday October 4th.

Cines Gran Marbella Puerto Banus:
The Three Stooges
Total Recall

Fuengirola Cinesur Miramar:
To Rome With Love
Total Recall

Plaza Mayor Malaga:
Total Recall
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 3D
The Pirates! Band of Misfits

Click here to find movie times and locations...

* Team4You - Teambuilding & Sport Adventure

If you’re organizing a birthday party, an adventure tour or other special event, check out This is a multiservice company offering adventure tours in canyoning, Trekking, Mountain Biking, Climbing and many other sports. They also can organize weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, conventions and even firework displays! How about that? Check it out! Click here to read more…

* The Great Nutrition Company

If you are a diabetic or have friends or family with diabetes, you should really know about the Great Nutrition Company. They offer neutraceuticals to assist, control and manage diabetes as well as many other lifestyle diseases such as candidiasis, metabolic syndrome X (obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, pre-diabetes), ADD/ ADHD and more.

Even if you're just trying to control your sugar intake, you may want to try their safe sugar replacement, "Advantage". The sweetening ingredient is Acelsulphame K, which is a naturally occurring compound structurally similar to Vitamin B3. Click here to read more...

* Danzzas dance and performance academy

Danzzas has just started a new year with jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, singing, drama and performing arts. They have a professional tap floor and fantastic facilities located in Aloha near Puerto Banus.

Danzzas has been running since 2001 and is led by Fiona Jones - a qualified professional dance teacher with the I.D.T.A. (International Dance Teachers Association) qualifications. Fiona also offers (non-obligatory) exams to all students interested in pursuing a career in dance and performing arts. Click here to read more...

TIP: My daughter has been trying out all the classes and has given the two thumbs up. She can't wait for the end of term performance!

* Cafe de Ronda

In the city today? Escape the rain (yes, I said it. It's raining here) and pop into Cafe de Ronda for a warm coffee or hot meal. They have some lovely traditionally Spanish choices on the menu. Free wifi too! Click here to read more...

TIP: Go for the traditional Spanish breakfast of pan con tomate - a toasted baguette topped with crushed tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper.

* Osaka Japanese restaurant

Tonight is Osaka night! This is our favorite sushi bar and Japanese restaurant where you can find really fresh food, great service and there is always parking. The tepanyaki show was a great choice for my daughter's birthday celebration with a couple of her friends. They all loved it!

Be sure to order the crepes and ice cream, which they also prep on the tepanyaki table. Not very traditional, but kids love it anyway. And if you like mochi, they've got that too (a rare find here in Marbella). Click here to read more...

TIP: Watch the short clip of the tepanyaki show (scroll to the bottom of the Osaka page)

* Marbella Job Board

The latest addition to the Marbella Family Fun website is our Marbella Job Board. This is the place to find jobs in Spain or offer work on the Costa del Sol. Advertise your services if you are looking for work in Marbella or post details on the type of position you are trying to fill.

Fill out the application form with details of your search in the Marbella Jobs and Employment page. You will have to wait for us to approve the page and then we will categorize it in the appropriate area on the Job Board. Click here to read more...

TIP: Post as many details you can about yourself, your experience and/or needs. Uploading an image will make your page much more appealing too.

* Costa Women Evening

Costa Women is a social network community for expat women living in Spain to share friendship, support and provide knowledge about living in this vibrant country. They hold regular meetings for everyone to get a chance to get to know each other.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 2 October at Güey Restaurant & Skybar in Marbella.

The theme this time is on personal development with a highly mindful workshop from Petra Mikat about getting to know yourself better, what drives and inspires you, and a very original and powerful session of Voice Movement Therapy from Cristine Anne Platel. Click here to read more…

TIP: This is a great way to meet new people and make friends.

* Torremolinos Fair

The Torremolinos fair - Feria de San Miguel has been running under the rain these last few days, however there is still hope for this weekend as it runs until Saturday September 29th. This is a great place to soak (no pun intended!) yourself in the local Spanish culture eating traditional Spanish food like tapas and paella, dancing to flamenco in the streets and drinking homemade sherry or local beer. Click here to read more…

* Marbella weather

The week started out phenomenal with bright sunshine and beach bathers about. But on Wednesday it all took a turn for the worse with thunder storms and showers. The rain is expected to last until Sunday when we are promised a partly cloudy day with temperatures of 22 degrees and only a 20% chance of rain. All the schools in Marbella have been evacuated for red alert storms. So, stay low, stay safe and stay dry!

If you are trying to pack your suitcase for your next holiday, check out the weather patterns for the week with the 10 day forecast. Click here to read more…

* Health insurance in Spain

One of our readers is looking for health insurance recommendations and asks, ”Hello, I just recently moved to Marbella, and am looking to get private health insurance. I am completely lost with all the different plans out there and would like to know if anyone has any recommendations as to which company to go with?

I am self employed, female, 31 this year, and would need good maternity coverage. Who do I go with? Should I get individual, or family plan with my husband? Help!! Thank you in advance :)”

We got lots of recommendations from our readers, so take a look at our growing list if you are also looking for a good health insurance plan. If you have one to recommend, please let us know by adding another comment on the page. Click here to read more…

* One solution to headaches and pains

One of our readers has shared an experience that may also help you. Pam writes, “I have suffered from headaches and neck pain for many years and more recently ear pain and have only recently discovered that this has all been caused by my night time tooth grinding/clenching. I was advised to see Dr Alex Cubbin BDS from the English Dental Practice (Fuengirola and Marbella)...” Click here to read more…

TIP: If you have a business or experience to share, tell us about it!

* Mural designers

One of our readers asks, ”I am looking for a person to create a TILE Mural on a large wall behide my pool.

Can anyone recommend someone that they, or a friend has used in the past ??”

We got quite a good response on this one, so check it out if you are also looking for a mural designer. Or, if you have someone you would like to recommend, please add to our growing list. Click here to read more…

* Calendar of Events

Be sure to go to our Calendar of Events page from time to time. Often times we receive information on events held by the Marbella town hall or local businesses only a few days before the event. As soon as we receive any information we try and post them as soon as possible on our events calendar or make announcements on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out there as soon as we can. So, come browse our Calendar of Events or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out what’s happening even further in advance. Click here to read more…

* Halloween events

We are starting to build our Halloween events page, so if you have a public event you are organizing or know of one, please let us know and we will add it to our page. Click here to read more…

* What to do in Marbella?

Wondering what to do in Marbella and the Costa del Sol? Well, there's more to Marbella than chic bars, nightclubs or the golden beaches, that's for sure! Once you tire of the markets and pretty neighbouring villages or the luxury yachts and horse-drawn carriage rides, and you ask 'what else is there to do in Marbella?', know that there's plenty more for you to see. Here are just a few suggestions…Click here to read more…

* Searching for information

Be sure to use our Search Tool on the Marbella Family Fun website (top right hand corner) whenever you are looking for something specific. It's easier than browsing the site to find information quickly. Click here to read more…

* San Pedro Fair

The San Pedro fair - Feria de San Pedro de Alcantara takes place this year from October 16 to 21. The program has just been released and we will be working on the translation this weekend for you. Watch this space or bookmark the page! Click here to read more…

* Marbella half marathon

Keep in mind that the Marbella half marathon “Ciudad de Marbella” is being held this Sunday September 30th, so some parts of the city may be blocked off to road traffic. The run starts at the copper tower Piruli, runs through various parts of the Old Town and the beach boardwalk paseo marítimo, then ends at Puerto Banús. Click here to read more…

* Family fun charity day

One year on and Fundación Elliot George, the foundation that helps children with special needs, is organising a sponsored walk in Estepona on Sunday September 30th. As in the past, the walk will coincide with the annual “Funday” charity event hosted by Bar los Arcos and Benavista Bowling Club, where children and adults alike can enjoy live music, magic, games, a tombola and raffle, market stalls…Click here to read more…

* Calendapp Calendar of Events

Here is a nifty little app that you will find useful not only for your holiday to Marbella, but for anywhere in the world. Download Calendapp on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for loads of events that are taking place in any city. It's a fantastic app and has lots of events that we never get to publish on our own calendar. Search "calendapp" on your phone to download or learn more at Click here to read more…

* 4 Days Walking

This fall Marbella will be filled with walkers from all over the world. From the 11th till the 14th of October 2012 thousands of people will walk 20 kilometers per day, enjoying Marbella, the beaches and its nature during the second annual 4 Days Walking event. Click here to read more…

TIP: Nice way to see the sights in Marbella. You may even make some new friends!

* Alora Soup Festival

The 10th Alora soup festival also known as Día de las Sopas Perotas will be taking place this year on Saturday October 6 starting at 12:00pm. Perota soup is named after the locals of Alora who are called Perotas. Click here to read more…

* German Day in Marbella

German Day in Marbella 2012 will be celebrated by the Marbella Town Hall on Sunday October 3. Various activities will be organized by the Marbella delegation of tourism in order to celebrate Germany´s reunification in 1990. Click here to read more…

* Fuengirola Fair

The Fuengirola Fair Feria del Rosario 2012 in honor of the Virgen el Rosario takes place from October 6th to 12th. The biggest attraction of this fair is the horse with plenty of exhibitions on horses, singing and flamenco dancing, bullfighting and activities in the fairground tents. Click here to read more…

* Adult choir

Can anyone help Jean, who asks, "I am trying to organize an adult choir for U3A (an international club for retirees) in Marbella. We need a conductor. We plan to practice every other week for two hours in the early evening.

Should you know of anyone who might be interested I would be very grateful for the contact. Many thanks in advance for your help.”

If you know of anyone who can help, feel free to comment on our Facebook wall (see yesterday’s postings) or reply to this email and we will pass on the information for you. Click here to read more…

* Public schools in Marbella

We’ve had quite a bit of activity on our page addressing Marbella public schools with lots of parents interacting, sharing experiences and simply helping each other out. This is very useful information if you are looking to enroll your children into the local school system.

Feel free to comment and add to the discussion. The more opinions out there, the better. Click here to read more…

* Boarding schools in Spain

One of our readers is looking for advice on Spanish boarding schools. Can you help? She asks, "Hi , were at our wits end & wondered if a boarding school will help our daughter she is very bright but very out of control prefer spanish school coukd you help us. Mrs pearson."

If you have some advice, please comment on this page or send us a message in reply to this email and we will forward on your comments. Click here to read more…

* Mac workshops

The workshops by Marbella Mac Solutions have been filling up pretty quickly. I have attended these sessions before and can highly recommend them. The next workshop is on Monday October 1 on iPhoto.

This workshop goes from the basic concepts to advanced editing and color correcting your photos. We will cover the differences in Albums and folder to Events to Faces. How to create Smart Albums, Meta tag your photos. Importing pictures from multiple sources. Export and importing in various formats. How to create separate libraries. How to create Books and Calendars and other keepsakes... in addition learning how to backup and save your photos and more importantly how not to break the iPhoto library and much much more....Click here to read more…

* Advertise on Marbella Family Fun

Interested in advertising your business or posting an event on Marbella Family Fun? Simply upload your information for FREE. However, if you are looking for even more exposure contact us and we can discuss all of our advertising packages with you.

We would like to inform you that we are restructuring our prices soon to offer 3 month and 6 months packages. Click here to see our listing prices…

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Thank you... and see you next Friday.
Zoriana - Marbella Family Fun

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