Back to School in Marbella

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marbella schools - back to school top tip

Discover all you need to get your kids prepped to go Back to School in Marbella. Click on any link below to get detailed information and reviews.

marbella schools - back to school top tip

Ease into The Routine

Switching from an easy going summer in Marbella to a school schedule can be slightly complicated and sometimes stressful to everyone in the household. Avoid a hectic first day back by setting a week of fun things for the kids to get up too, which not only will make them enjoy last week of summer but also will help practicing a routine a good few days in advance. 

marbella schools - back to school top tip

Marbella Schools 

So many new schools have opened this years and such great improvements on the exiting schools. Here you can find Universities, Nurseries, International Schools, State Schools, Language Schools and more. Including direct feedback from parents regarding their experiences with each one of them. 

marbella schools - back to school top tip

Marbella School Uniforms

Here you will find the official Marbella School Uniform Forum which has been designed for parents to easily request, exchange, donate or sell outgrown or unwanted uniforms. Back to School in Marbella can be so much fun for kids and parents. 

marbella schools - back to school top tip

Learn What Kind of Learner you Are

Everybody learns through different ways, there are three main types of learning styles which are auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. Some people may use a combination of all three, many didn't even know about these studying methods. We encourage you to speak to a professional or a teacher to discuss and determine the best type of learning so you can personalise your studying and of course achieve better grades and gain more knowledge.

marbella schools - back to school top tip

Nannies & Housekeepers

Back to School also means back to work for many, and finding professional, high-quality and trustworthy care for your family home can be a frustrating experience. Here you have a bucket list of recommend nannies and housekeepers in Marbella.

marbella schools - back to school top tip

Tool Up

Having the right tools will help your children feel prepared. Ask the school for a supply list and go on a special shopping spree with your children. While keeping basic needs in mind, allow for a couple of splurges like a cool notebook or a favourite coloured pen. These simple pleasures make going back to school a lot more fun. Also ask the school for the academic programme that way both you and your child can get a good idea of what is expected of them this year.


After a long hot summer, back to school in Marbella is about to be back in session. As the tourists go home and the weather cools down, the residents in Marbella return to the their family routine.

Regardless if your kids go to public, private, Spanish, British, German, International, kindergarten, primary or secondary, there are all things we have in common... we are all planning for the coming school year

This page will help you with all of your Back to School needs in Marbella an the Costa del Sol. Here you will find school-related calendars, school listings, information on where to buy school uniforms and many other resources to get you and your family ready for the new academic year.

All your family needs to go back to school in Marbella

School Calendar

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Spanish National Bank Holidays Here is a list of the Spanish National holidays observed in Andalucia and Spain. 

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Spanish School Calendar We have provided here some useful information on the Spanish school calendar issued by Europes School Holidays page. 

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Marbella Family Fun Calendar of Events Our Marbella Calendar of Events is a great way to keep up to date on all the latest events and happenings taking place in and around Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

School Listing

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Costa del Sol School Listing Marbella schools offer great education to all international residents and visitors. So, if you are becoming attached to the Costa del Sol and are thinking about spending more time in the area with your children, click on the link to get detailed reviews of Marbella international schools and kindergardens.

School Supplies and Uniforms

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El Corte Ingles El Corte Ingles is the largest retailer in Spain and among world leaders in luxury department stores. In El Corte Ingles you can find a variety school supplies on the top floor by the housewares. They also usually have a speciality seasonal department dedicated to Back to School also on the top floor but right by the garage entrance and elevator banks. The seasonal department will have school supplies as well as uniforms and school shoes.

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Hipercore Hipercor is a large, fancy supermarket located on the ground floor in El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus. There you can find all the school supplies you need as well as uniforms and school shoes.

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Al Campo in La Canada With over 150 shops in La Canada shopping mall you will probably find all you need to go back to school but you will find it all in one place at Al Campo hipermarket which is inside La Canada shopping mall.

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Uniform Exchange This school uniform forum is designed for parents to easily request, exchange, donate or sell outgrown uniforms. Just fill out your information or requirements below and avoid paying top money at the school shop.

After School Activities and Clubs

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After School Activities and Clubs From Marbella dance schools to football clubs, the Costa del Sol has a lot to offer. We have categorized our groups into four different areas of interest to help you find your way - Sports, Dance, Music & Art and Other Clubs.

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