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Marbella Family Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Marbella Beaches
July 08, 2009

Welcome to the July 2009 issue of Marbella Family Newsletter!

Content of this issue:

1. Monthly feature: Marbella Beaches.

2. Monthly update: new family activities / reviews on our site.

3. Share your thoughts.

4. Marbella daily news.

1. Monthly Feature: Marbella Beaches

The coast along the municipality of Marbella (which includes Puerto Banus and San Pedro Alcantara) is divided into 24 beaches. Click here to see a list and read some of the reviews:

- The best evaluation goes to the beaches towards Las Chapas.

- The most popular beach for tourists probably remains la Fontanilla because of its central location.

- Our favorite is not located in Marbella. It is the Punta Paloma beach in Tarifa.

For more information... visit our Marbella beach page, and send us comments of your favorite spot on the coast.

2. Monthly update: new family activities / reviews on our site.

This month, has passed a first psychological hurdle of 100 pages of pure content. Worth of a special mention are:

- The most popular water park. Bahia aquapark in Algeciras is the regional water park most searched by google visitors. It is our sonís favorite.

- The Must. A visit to the South of Spain would not be complete without a tour of the white villages. This excursion will help you appreciate the charm and traditions of Andalucia.

- The one we want to try. We are not deep sea divers, but we heard of Diving Marbella and are tempted to take a class this summer. We have not tried it yet. Review from anybody?

- The best family restaurant in Puerto Banus . There is only one restaurant in Puerto Banus which always has a line at the entrance. It is Picasso. Why? It has huge, tasty pizzas and Italian dishes at very reasonable prices.

For more information on our new content... visit our site.

3. Share your thoughts

Marbella Family Fun is a family project aiming to generate the most complete content on family activities in Marbella. We are shooting for 200+ pages of pure content by the end of the year.

If you find the site useful, we would greatly appreciate if you could send us some reviews of the places / attractions you visit in Marbella by filling out this form.

We would also be grateful if you could forward this mail to friends and relatives who may have an interest in the Costa del Sol.

4. Marbella daily news

To keep you up-to-date with the daily events and activities available on the Costa del Sol, as well as our family news, we have various internet tools at you disposal:

- a blog updated daily

- a news feed about Marbella and Andalucia

- a twitter account with daily posting. Feel free following us.

- a facebook group. Please join us if you are interested in what is happening in Marbella.

- an RSS feed that you will find in the left-hand column on any page of our site. (if you are not sure what an RSS feed is, check our help tab.)

Thank you... and see you next month.
Marbella Family

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