Marbella Graffiti Workshops for kids

by Emma Jones

Marbella Graffiti Workshops for kids

Marbella Graffiti Workshops for kids

Marbella Graffiti Workshops for kids
Marbella Graffiti Workshops for kids
Marbella Graffiti Workshops for kids
Marbella Graffiti Workshops for kids


About us:

We are a group of creative individuals and passionate artists wishing to bring to Marbella the opportunity for young people to learn the basics of the Art of Graffiti painting and its history with an emphasis on this art form as a fun and free art expression in a socially responsible context.

Graffiti Art:

The earliest forms of graffiti go back to 30,000BC in the form of pre-historic cave paintings and pictographs using tools such as animal bones and pigments. Today, paint, especially spray paint and marker pens, are the most frequently used material.

Controversial in its early modern day expression with illegal painting in public locations, graffiti painting began as a subculture, an underground movement that, it is true to say, continues to divide public opinion but is gradually becoming recognised as an accepted art form. In the early 1980s, art galleries in New York started to show Graffiti artists to the public, lending credibility to this art form and today many local authorities work with Graffiti artists to encourage a responsible and legal approach to Graffiti painting. This is where we come in.

Our Workshops:

To our knowledge, although offered by many companies in the UK and other countries, we are the first to bring this opportunity to young people here on the coast. Our first workshops took place this July in the Panorama 187 Art Studio in Marbella, opposite Funny Beach.

wo courses covering two week-end mornings for 8-12 year olds and afternoons for 3-18 year olds (12 hours in total per group) were tutored by Diana Sunico, an established graffiti artist from Malaga, trained in many other mediums but with a special love for graffiti. The workshops were a great success, much enjoyed by the youngsters and adult assistants alike.

Diana has worked in many cities and has had several live painting performances in Marbella.

Our courses cover theory and history of graffiti, learning and practising on paper, decorating a baseball cap and making a final painting on board for the student to take home along with a Certificate of participation.

Information about upcoming workshops will be posted soon.

Other opportunities:

Do you have a wall or other space you would like decorated?

Stuck for Party ideas?

Would your school be interested in a Graffiti day workshop?

Please contact us for commissioned work, Graffiti parties, workshops, one to one tuition or just for general information:


Mobile: 676 306 231

Facebook: Marbella Graffiti Workshops

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Jul 13, 2012
Change of time and name of Studio
by: Emma

I am terribly sorry to have caused any inconvenience but the classes for the older group on the Saturdays and Sundays start at 5pm and not 3pm. Also the name of the Studio is called Panorama 187 Art Studios and it is opposite he Funny beach in Marbella.

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