by Alejandra Gassol Ashley-Dane



This type of therapy consists of a high and low electromagnetic field which accelerates biological processes and are an energetic supply to our body cells, having a direct influence of our own body's magnetic field.

We aim for a magnetic balance that assures an optimal health.

The BENEFITS of using this kind of therapy are:

• Tissue nutrition and oxygen support
• Reduces swelling
• Relieves pain / antialgic effect
• Accelerates healing processes
• Accelerates circulation
• Cell regeneration
• Stops pathological disorders that reduce bone density


• Inflammatory processes: Arthrosis, Arthritis, Spondilitis, Periartritis
• Bone pathologies: Fractures, Osteoporosis
• Traumatism
• Soft tissue pathologies: Tendinitis, Myalgia, Bursitis,
• Lower Back Pain, Cervical Pain
• Scars, Ulsers, Burns

Historical fact: XVI century Alchemists and doctors investigated the healing properties of magnets; check out Dr. Hanemann and Michael Faraday for his medical usage of "magnetic fields". would like to thank Alejandra Gassol Ashley-Dane at Health First Studio for her unique and helpful insight on this topic! Your contributions to the Marbella Family Fitness Blog is much appreciated!

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Feb 27, 2017
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