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Marbella Family Fun Daily Newsletter -- September 24, 2010
September 24, 2010

Marbella Family Fun update - Friday September 24, 2010

We send out our Marbella Family Fun newsletter on a weekly basis on Fridays always with the English movie listings.

* English movie listings

These are the listing for movies that are playing in Marbella and on the Coast in English from Friday September 24 until Thursday September 30.

If you would like to receive regular updates on original version movies playing locally, please sign up to our newsletter. Click here to read more...

* German Day celebrated in Marbella

German Day 2010 in Marbella will be celebrated by the Marbella Town Hall on Sunday October 3. Various activities will be organized by the Marbella delegation of tourism in order to celebrate Germanyīs reunification in 1990. Click here to read more...

* Cake Marbella

It seems like everywhere I turn someone is having a birthday. If you are looking for a birthday cake, cupcakes or special dessert for your or your childīs party Cake Marbella can offer many exciting options. We loved their key lime pie! Click here to read more...

* Paintball Estepona

Now that the weather has cooled down, itīs a great time to go paintballing at Paintball Estepona. They have three different themes to choose from. Itīs a fun day out if you have older kids who are a bit tired of going to the beach. Click here to read more...

* Social Dressage Competition

The Estepona riding school Escuela de Arte Ecuestre de Costa del Sol is holding a social dressage competition on Saturday September 25 at 10:00am.

First, second and third prizes will be given to each category: Click here to read more...

* Tweet Marbella social networking

TweetMarbella is an informal meeting of local tweeps ( users) for networking, socialising or curiosity into what Twitter is all about.

TweetMarbella regularly attracts people from all industries, not just technical people. It is a truly multicultural event, with 18 different nationalities regularly attending. Click here to read more...

* Cyberbully Forum launched

Cyberbullying is a serious issue. We at Marbella Family Fun, like any other family, have children that are using internet, social networking websites and are starting to use mobile phones.

The internet is a powerful tool that opens the world to many opportunities such as networking and fun activities. However, like any technology, it can also have a dark side if not used properly.

Last year, our family witnessed a few examples of the improper use of internet by students from some Marbella schools. Therefore, we decided to create this space in order to raise awareness about cyberbullying and encourage both parents and children to share their experiences and ideas on this issue.

Our cyberbullying forum also includes several articles we have written on cyberbullying. Please browse through them and let us know what you think. Click here to read more...

* MarbArt 2010

Marb Art 2010, also known as the VI Marbella International Contemporary Art Fair, will be held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Marbella from September 22 to 26.

This art festival, organized by the Marbella Palacio de Ferias y Congresos and Marbella Town Hall, is one of the most important events in art in the city thanks to the full program that it offers. Click here to read more...

* What is cyberbullying?

Over the past few weeks we have been compiling articles and creating a special forum where children can share their cyberbullying experiences.

However, some of you may be asking yourself, "What is cyberbullying, anyway?" It must have something to do with bullying, right? The answer is yes. The only difference is that children use all the latest technology to harass, embarrass or tease other kids. If you would like to know more about what cyberbullying is and what it is not, then read up on our article What is cyberbullying? Click here to read more...

* Great British Weekend in Fuengirola

The Great British Weekend 2010 in Fuengirola will be held on September 24 and 25 on the first floor of the Parque Miramar Shopping Centre just off the A-7 highway.

This festival brings together the cultures of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with plenty of entertainment, food, prizes and live performances...all for free! Afternoon tea, cider bar, traditional British fare and even childrenīs activities will all be available throughout the afternoon and evening for the whole family to enjoy. Click here to read more...

* Judge Tom on cyberbullying

One of our readers shares his experiences and tips on cyberbulling: "After 23 years in juvenile court, I learned that teenagers often learn from the experiences of their peers, not just from being lectured by those in authority. " Click here to read more...

* 10 euro entrance at Selwo

Selwo Aventura in Estepona and Selwo Marina in Benalmadena are offering a special entrance fee of only 10 euros for anyone who follows them on their Facebook page. There is a form you have to fill out, then you print out a coupon and pay at the ticket office when you get there.

This is great value, because adult tickets are usually 35 euros and children tickets go for 24 euros.

This special offer is limited and only lasts until September 30. For more information visit their website and fill out the form here: Click here to read more...

* What is a cyberbully?

Our anti-cyberbullying campaign is now in full swing. I had a great interview with Hannah Murray on Talk Radio Europe (91.9fm) yesterday about the launch of our forum and articles, although it was much too short! I could have talked for hours on the subject.

What many people may not know is that there are different types of cyberbullies and different things that drive a child to become a cyberbully. We have grouped them up for you to understand them a bit better. Take a look at this article and let us know what you think. Feel free to comment on any article and be sure to let your children know about our forum and to use it. It is there for them to express themselves and get things out in the open. Click here to read more...

* Hiking La Concha mountain

The weather has finally cooled down and our family has been participating in a lot of outdoor activities. We have been enjoying the outdoors with hikes and jeep rides. One of our best excursions as a family is a hike up Marbellaīs landmark La Concha mountain.

Today is supposed to rain, so it wouldnīt be a good day, however this weekend calls for clear skies and highs between 23 and 26. Obviously it should be slightly cooler in the mountains, which makes for perfect hiking weather.

Hiking up La Concha is a great way to get out in the outdoors, breathe some fresh air, get a bit of exercise and bring back the kids to nature...and itīs free! Click here to read more...

* Marbella in a day

If you are planning to visit Marbella in just a short weekend, then our Marbella in a Day Guide is a must read. Whenever we have visitors we usually hit these spots first off - Marbella Old Town, Puerto Banus, and the Paseo Maritimo with a few moments on the beach.

You can extend this tour in two days if you are spending a bit more time in the area or like to spend more than a few minutes on the beach.

For those of you who live here, we would like to hear what you think of our Marbella in a Day tour. Is there something we missed? Would you recommend a new restaurant or shop? Weīd like to hear from you! Click here to read more...

* Interview on Hannah Murray Show

I had a great interview last Wednesday with Hannah Murray on her show on Talk Radio Europe last Wednesday. We talked about cyberbullying and the launch of our cyberbullying forum and articles. If you would like to hear our 5 minute conversation, click on the link below! Click here to listen...

* Laser Combat Malaga

Laser Combat Malaga is a fun and unique activity in Andalusia that is created to learn the skills and tactics of combat fighting. Men, women any age or level can take part in this activity.

Laser combat is ideal for children and kid parties, team building and individuals where they learn how to work and communicate in groups. Fun games and even night combats are other possibilities. Click here to read more...

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Thank you... and see you soon.
Marbella Family

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