80s Fancy Dress

by Pat Robinson

Fancy dress in Marbella

Fancy dress in Marbella

Hi guys I dont know if you can help but I have to go to an 80s themed fancy dress party in the UK next week (only just found out that its themed!!!) - I need to find something to wear and possibly dress up in to take back with me if you have anything that you can help with. I am male and I guess large in size 44" chest ..... so I dont really want to do the leotard and legwarmers thing :-)

I guess there would be loads to choose from if I was in the UK but finding shops with mullet wigs and Jacko jackets not on every corner here.

Any thoughts or if you can help greatly appreciated

Kind regards

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May 26, 2016
80s fancy dress
by: Anonymous

How about go to Party store?

Jan 17, 2014
fancy dress
by: sandie

You may find the chino shops (Chinese Bazaar) filling up with costumes ready for carnival. 80's is fun. The larger Chinos stock a huge range of adult costumes. how about getting a prince charming S going as Elton John. Or A highway man cloak & hat & do Adam ant. I have even spotted a foam rubic cube cistume. good luck

Jan 16, 2014
secondhand shops
by: Mary

You can try some of the second hand shops in Marbella and San Pedro. I bet you'll find something there.

Jan 15, 2014
Reply to Zora
by: Pat Robinson

Thank you Zora - I have already tried there and didnt have anything appropriate - lots of pirates and Drs and the like but nothing that could be placed specific to the 80s ..... I have also found another one in the process which is in Marbella in Avda Mercado just up from the Old Town called Giralmar ...... still not ideal but they did have a lot more variety and as a result I think I can cobble something together

Thank you for the pointer though :-)

Jan 14, 2014
fancy dress shops
by: Zora

Your best bet is to go to Pepita Cardeña in San Pedro. It is located just off the pedestrian area on calle Lagasca 32 and there is another shop just up the block (same street, but on the corner of Lagasca and San Antonio) at 34. One is more of a flamenco shop while the other has more costumes.

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