International Folkloric Festival of Marbella 2011

International Folkloric Festival of Marbella

International Folkloric Festival of Marbella

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The I International Folkloric Festival of Marbella "Europealia 2011" will be held on March 25 - 27, 2011 throughout the city.

Europealia 2011 begins this Friday March 25th at 8:00pm on Avenida del Mar near Marbella Old Town. This festival joins cultures from all over the world including Spain, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Egypt, Georgia, Paraguay, Bolivia, the Philipines, Morocco and Russia.

On Saturday March 26th the festival continues on Avenida del Mar and la Glorieta de la Fontanilla (Fontanilla Square) from 11:30am. At 6:00pm the visiting international groups will be walking throughout the streets and performing on the Paseo Marítimo (Marbella boardwalk).

Also, on Saturday March 26th at 8:00pm the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos will host a performance by the international groups. Entrance is free and seats are offered on a first come-first serve basis.

On Sunday at the same times as on Saturday, the festival continues on Avenida del Mar and at la Glorieta de la Fontanilla.

Participating groups:
Folkloric group Da Ereira-Montemor-Velhor (Portugal)
Folkloric group las Casa de las Corrientes en Baleares (Argentina)
Tanz-Gruppe Lippransdorff de Halterm Am Si (Alemania)
Asociación Amigos de Chile en Canarias
Mazazik Dance Group (Egipto)
Asociación Paraguaya - Latinoamericana
Bolivian Culture Association in Málaga
Philspania – Asociación Mekenis, Grufilka y Bibbak- (Filipinas)
Asociación Nash Dom – Grupos Kalinga y Nasdom - (Rusia-Ucrania) Arab Culture Delegation of San Pedro (Marruecos)
Folkloric and Dance group of Marbella (España)

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