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Marbella Family Fun Weekly Newsletter -- April 29, 2011
April 29, 2011

Marbella Family Fun update - Friday April 29, 2011

* English movie listings

These are the listing for movies that are playing in Marbella and on the Coast in English from Friday April 29th until Thursday May 5th.

Cinema Gran Marbella:
Thor 3D

Fuengirola Miramar:

Plaza Mayor Malaga:
Thor 3D
Red Riding Hood 2D

Click here to find movie times and locations...

* The Jeans Factory Marbella Outlet

If you haven´t visited the Jeans Factory Marbella Outlet, then it´s time you have. They offer great prices and discounts on all your favorite brands such as Levi´s, Diesel, Ed Hardy, Miss Sixty, B.T Jeans, Moschino, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger and more.

Not only can you find jeans, but other clothing items as well from t-shirts to sandals, and socks to suits. Click here to read more...

* Stop Smoking Doctor

If you are a smoker, you are probably getting frustrated with the new anti-smoking laws in Spain (or possibly elsewhere) and may be thinking of quitting. If you are ready for a new and improved lifestyle and want to start living more healthily, try the techniques used by the Stop Smoking Doctor Dr. Alice Byram.

Dr. Byram offers a method that can be a positive and rewarding experience. The best long-term results are obtained by combining medication and cognitive behaviour therapy. The therapy is all about changing habits and is tailored according to the well documented stages people go through when they quit, such as elation, loss and normalization.

Stop smoking and start breathing now! Click here to read more...

* Labor Day in Spain

Labor Day is officially on Sunday May 1st, however don´t forget that Monday is a day off in recognition of this national holiday and most shops and businesses will be closed. Click here to read more...

* French classes in Marbella

One of our readers asks: “Hi, I live in Marbella and I am doing AS Level French but I am looking for a French tutor or French course to help me prepare for my French AS exam (I want to get an A) during the May halfterm (Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June) Thankyou x “

We have a list of recommendations, so if you also need a teacher, take a look. If you offer classes or can recommend someone, please add to our list. Click here to read more...

* Hiking La Concha Marbella´s landmark mountain

The rain will stop and we will get beautiful sunshine again, so you may want to think about taking the kids up to Marbella´s landmark mountain La Concha. There is no better time than springtime to take a hike as it is not too hot and not too cold. We also have some guides to recommend who are happy to take you up… which is a good idea since you can easily get lost. Click here to read more...

* Free guided tours of Picasso Museum

If you are spending the day in Malaga, be sure to hit the Picasso Museum on a Wednesday morning. Every Wednesday at 11:30am the Malaga Picasso Museum offers a free guided tour of the collection in English which is included with the price of admission.

Click here to

* What can a teenager do in Marbella this summer?

One of our readers asks: “I have a long summer break ahead, about 3 months, and I have nothing to do. All my friends will either be out of town or out of the country and my family aren't planning any trips this year (they wouldn't let me travel on my own). I can't speak Spanish and I obviously can't drive yet, so is there anything you can suggest I do? I'm not a very 'outdoorsy' person but I just don't want to be stuck inside my house all summer! Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks “

It´s not the first time we have had this question, so we´ve got some answers. If you have a teenager in Marbella this summer, tell us what you do with them. Feel free to leave a comment on this page. .Click here if you are interested...

* Au Pair looking for work

We´ve got another reader looking for work in Marbella this summer. She writes: “Dear families. I am looking for aupair position in Marbeilla. I have previous childcare experience from age of 0-12. If you are interested please send me an email and I will provide you all the informations. Thank you. Sofia” Click here to read more...

* Looking for a scientist

One of our readers is desperate need of a fun scientist – “Hello I work at an International school and have lived in Marbella since August! I need to run a science fair at school and need an interesting scientist to come and work/demonstrate something exciting for our young children. Its a long shot I know but I have very little contacts here at the moment and wondered if anyone had any ideas where I might find such a person?! “

If you can help or know of someone who can help, please respond! Click here to read more...

* Casa Abril charity lunch

Mark your calendars for this fun event with a good cause. On the Thursday May 26th join others for a fundrainser for Casa Abril, a children's home in San Roque. Kezia Jacobsen of Marbella's newest and slickest yoga sanctuary Shanti-som has provided us with an amazing venue to hold the lunch at 12:30pm. Click here to read more...

* Fuengirola International Fair

If you´re looking for some outdoor fun this weekend, then head out to Fuengirola (only 20 minutes from Marbella) for the 17th annual International Fair.

There is expected to be representation from 33 countries that includes 4 Days and Nights of entertaiment, food, drink and dance. ADMISSION & ENTERTAINMENT FREE!!!

Click here to

* Camino de Santiago

Good luck to anyone participating in the Camino de Santiago. Today is the last day to sign up with Marbella Town Hall for this 780km pilgrimage in the north of Spain. The group organized in Marbella, however, will be covering only a small portion of it from April 30 to May 7. Price: 245 euros Click here to read more...

* Saturday street market in Puerto Banus

If the weather holds up and the rain doesn´t appear on Saturday, you may want to think about a visit to the Saturday street market in Puerto Banus. You will find so many things at this market such as souvenirs, fresh local fruit and vegetables, spices, clothes, shoes, local handicrafts, jewelry and more. Click here to read more...

* Queen of Holland Day

On Saturday April 30, 2011 at 7:00pm Marbella Town Hall invites you to celebrate Queen of Holland Day ‘Koninginnedag’ on the Paseo de la Alameda in Alameda Park near Old Town Marbella.Click here to read more...

* Rainy day activities

It´s already raining again and you´re going to be stuck indoors, so what do you do with the kids? There are still plenty of things to do...bowling, movies, playcenters and more. Check out our list of indoor activities to keep the kids busy and get out of the house. In any case, let´s cross our fingers and hope that the rain decides to disappear this weekend. Click here to read more...

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Thank you... and see you next Friday.
Marbella Family

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