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Marbella Family Fun Weekly Newsletter -- August 19, 2011
August 19, 2011

Marbella Family Fun update - Friday August 19, 2011

* English movie listings

These are the listing for movies that are playing in Marbella and on the Coast in English from Friday August 19th until Thursday August 25th.
Cinema Gran Marbella:

Fuengirola Miramar:
Super 8

Plaza Mayor Malaga:
Conan the Barbarian 2D
Super 8 – 2D
Captain America: The First Avenger
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Cars 2 (3D)
Planet of the Apes

Click here to find movie times and locations...

Marbella Reggae Festival tonight

If you enjoy Reggae music, then check out the 6th Marbella Reggae festival to be held tonight in Marbella. The event starts pretty late, so unless you´ve got older kids you may want to get the babysitter for this one. Click here to read more...

* Festival de la Copla Carnavalero

August festivities in Marbella continue with the XVII Festival de la Copla de Carnavalero taking place tomorrow August 20th. Join the fun with the whole family to experience some real Spanish carnival atmosphere. Click here to read more...

* Malaga fair

There are only a few days left of the Feria de Malaga. It started last week and continues on until Saturday August 20th. Every day there is a kids party at 9pm in addition to all the rides and fair games. If kids can´t stay up late then everyday from 12pm - 3:30pm at the Paseo del Parque there are kids games, workshops, magic, theater, karaoke, dancing... Click here to read more about fairs in Spain...

* Looking for irrigation specialist

One of our readers is having a bit of garden trouble and asks, “I'm looking for a reference for a good irrigation specialist, landscaper or gardener with experience in setting up irrigation systems. I have a system at my home already, but it needs some adjustment and relocation of some piping. Any recommendations appreciated!”

If this looks like an opportunity for you or for someone you know, please pass this link on. Or, if you are in the same boat as this family, take a look at some of the comments already made. Click here to read more...

* Need Laude school uniforms

With the new school year right around the corner we have had plenty of new requests for secondhand school uniforms from many schools along the Costa del Sol. Our latest request is for a Laude uniform: “oes anyone have used items suitable for 10 yr old boy (uk size 11/12), + 13 yr old boy (uk size 15/16) Does all uniform have to be purchased from Laude (how strict are they?) or can you buy white shirts/trousers/etc elsewhere? Any advice much appreciated.”

Please help out a fellow reader and give your old school uniforms a second chance! If you are looking for or trying to get rid of your old (in good condition) uniforms, go to our School Uniform Exchange page and let others know about it. Click here to read more...

Need Swans school uniform

If you´ve got a Swans school uniform that is still in good condition, you can help out one of our readers who asks, “I would appreciate if anyone had a set girl uniform or separate items for Swans International School . Age 3-4 years.” Click here to read more...

* Horse riding, watersports and wifi

One of our readers asks, “Im looking to know if you can go horse riding anywhere and can you do water sports on san pedros beach and where are the nearest wifi spots from san pedro beach.”

We´ve responded the best we know, but if you can add your own recommendations our readers would surely appreciate it. Click here to read more...

* Marbella Skate Contest

If you or your kids are into skating then you won´t want to miss Marbella´s first Skate Contest on Sunday August 21st. Click here to read more...

* Where to buy propane bottles in Marbella

One of our readers asks, “How does one buy a propane bottle for a barbecue in Marbella? Is there a number or website that covers this topic?”

If you can answer this question please leave a comment. Or take a look at what others have said. Click here to read more...

* Shipping US car to Spain

One of our readers is looking for a bit of motor advice and asks, “What would be your recommendation? I am moving to Costa Del Sol area in next 2 months. Should I purchase a new mercedes/BMW here and ship it and go through the registration hassles or wait until I get there and lease? I will be working there for at least the next 28 months.”

If you have something to say, please comment! Click here to read more...

* Coin ecological market

The Coin ecological market features tomatoes this Saturday. If you want to learn all about Spanish tomatoes or just want to buy some eco-friendly ones, head on out to this market tomorrow. Click here to read more...

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