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Marbella Family Fun Weekly Newsletter -- February 18, 2011
February 18, 2011

Marbella Family Fun update - Friday Feburary 18, 2011

* English movie listings

These are the listing for movies that are playing in Marbella and on the Coast in English from Friday February 18th until Thursday February 24th.

This week (as well as last week), the cinemas in Fuengirola and Malaga change their movie schedules for Wednesday and Thursday. They only update their website on Monday and Wednesday, so return to the English movie listing page later on or look for announcements on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages.

Cinema Gran Marbella:
Black Swan

Fuengirola Miramar:
Black Swan

Plaza Mayor Malaga:
True Grit

Click here to find movie times and locations...

* Good Morning Marbella!

A bit chilly this morning at 8 degrees, but once I picked up the pace with the dog walk I was feeling better. In any case, there´s plenty of sushine now and it´s a welcome change to all the rain and wind we´ve been having. Click here to read more...

* Boarding schools in Spain

One of our readers is looking for a boarding school in Spain. We know of one here on the Coast. Maybe you know of others and can help?

Our reader writes, "I'm looking for a mixed or all girls boarding school in Spain for my daughter whos 16, shes coming from an all girls public school in england, are there any recommendations? thanks x" Click here to read more...

* Andalucia Tennis Experience 2011

The Andalucia Tennis Experience 2011 is coming to Marbella reuiniting for the third time some of the best tennis players on the international feminine circuit. This event will take place from April 2 - 10, 2011. Click here to read more...

* Marbella basketball camp 2011

The Marbella basketball camp 2011 is organized this year by GABER Marbella which takes place during the month of July at Fuerte de Nagüeles. This camp will also include other sports activities, fun days out, raffles, prizes and gifts for the participants of the campl Click here to read more...

* Fitness clubs in Marbella

It seems as though fitness is on the brain for many of us as summer slowly creeps up behind us and we all want to get the hard bodies for the beach. One of our readers asks: "I would like to join a gym or exercise class in Marbella. What can you recommend?" Click here to read more...

* Original version movies in Marbella

Marbella Town Hall and the Culture and Education delegation have announced that the Area de Cine is organizing a series of movies in their original version subtitled in Spanish starting on February 2, 2011 and lasting throughout March 18, 2011. The movies will be playing in both Marbella and San Pedro de Alcantara.

Next week from February 21 - 22: Alle Anderen (Spanish title = Entre nosotros) (German with Spanish subtitles) Click here to read more...

* Semana Blanca holiday

We´ve been talking a lot about Semana Blanca lately. If you´re confused then take a look at our brief description. This year Semana Blanca is held from February 28 - March 6. Click here to read more...

* Iceland opens in Puerto Banus

Iceland in Puerto Banus has opened its doors offering loads of products imported from the UK. They´ve got naughty stuff like candy, pop tarts, sugary cereals, cheese strings and all your favorite crisps in XXL sizes. They also offer fresh fruits, vegetables and meats for the healthier side of things.

Iceland is located next to Dreamers Disco at the Puerto Banus exit, however on the mountain side of the highway, not the beach side. If you exit as if you´re headed to the petrol station, then you can´t miss it.

And if you´re having a hard time reading the Spanish labels, not to worry´s all in English!

* Bicycle rental in Marbella

Marbella has been working hard on completing the bicycle/pedestrian path along the beach from San Pedro all the way through Marbella. As things are nearly complete you may be interested in renting a bicycle to discover the beautiful coastline here. Here are a couple of agencies that offer bicycle rental in Marbella Click here to read more...

* Family fitness on Saturdays

Emanuel (Manu) Poggio, a qualified fitness instructor, and his team are leading a group of parents and their children in fun weekend family fitness days on the beach every Saturday. The first one-hour session will start this Saturday February 19 at 10:00am. The group meets at the beach bar La Pesquera San Pedro de Alcantara on the San Pedro boardwalk dressed in comfortable sports gear. What better way to start the weekend with the kids? Click here to read more...

* Semana Blanca camp

Most kids in Spain have the week off for Semana Blanca from February 28 to March 6 and many parents need to find camps or activities for their children during that week. So Marbella Town Hall has organized a fun adventure camp for kids at Fuerte Nagueles in the natural park in Marbella from March 1 - 4. Click here to read more...

* Marbella street market

The weather is going to be great this weekend and one way to spend your Saturday morning is to hit the Marbella street market near the Puerto Banus bullring from 10am to 2pm. This is an Aladdin´s cave of treasures where you can find things to bring back to your friends and family. You´ll find everything from souvenirs to fruit & veg to antiques. Click here to read more...

* Free guided walk on Sunday

If you´ve got kids aged 14+ you may want them to join in on a free guided walk through "Cruz de Juanar" this Sunday.

Itinerary: Refugio - Ojen viewpoint - Marbella viewpoint - Up to the cross - Return to Refugio.
Distance: 5.000 mts.
Difficulty: Moderate. Click here to

* Aerobic gymnastics and Dance Meet in Marbella

On Saturday February 19, 2011 the I Aerobic Gymnastics and Dance Meet in Marbella will be held at the Palacio de Feria y Congresos at 6:00pm. This event brings together many of Marbella´s dance academies and includes approximately 300 participants and 1,000 spectators. Click here to read more...

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Thank you... and see you next Friday.
Marbella Family

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