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Marbella Family Newsletter, Issue #005 -- Marbella October News
October 26, 2009

Welcome to the October 2009 issue of Marbella Family Newsletter!

Content of this issue:

1. Monthly feature: Cudeca Awareness Drive.

2. Monthly update: new family activities / reviews on our site.

3. The Power of the BUZZZ.

4. Marbella daily news.

1. Monthly Feature: Cudeca Awareness Drive.

NGOs (non-profit organization) have been particularly touched by the financial crisis and the subsequent cost cutting measures.

Our family has decided to start an awareness drive to support a Cancer Care Hospice in Malaga called Cudeca. This organization is doing an amazing job free of charge for terminally-ill patients and their families.

We decided to pledge one euro - up to 1,000 euros - for any unique visitor reading our Cudeca information before November 15th. You just have to read the info and pass this mail along to your friends. If you find the information moving and useful, just send us a note. The kids will like that.

2. Monthly update: new family activities / reviews on our site.

We’ve recently have been adding some general information about Marbella to our site: a map, a history page, some weather details...

We are also working on beefing up our Marbella accommodation section as we receive numerous e-mails asking for advice and rental suggestions. If you know of any great family places to stay at, please let us know.

3. The Power of the BUZZZ

If you find the site useful, we would greatly appreciate if you could forward this mail to friends and relatives who may have an interest in the Costa del Sol. They will be able to sign up for the newsletter.

Also, if you have not seen it, visit the new Marbella Family blog targeted more at people living on the Costa del Sol. Do not hesitate spreading it around among your friends through e-mail, facebook, twitter....

4. Marbella daily news

To keep you up-to-date with the daily events and activities available on the Costa del Sol, as well as our family news, we have various internet tools at you disposal:

- the Marbella Family Fun blog updated daily.

- the Marbella Family blog updated twice a week.

- our twitter account with numerous daily posting. Follow us on twitter. It is easy and fun.

- a facebook group. Please join us if you are interested in what is happening in Marbella.

- an RSS feed that you will find in the left-hand column on any page of our site. (if you are not sure what an RSS feed is, check our help tab.)

Thank you... and see you next month.
Marbella Family

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