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Marbella Family Fun Weekly Newsletter -- May 18, 2012
May 18, 2012

Marbella Family Fun update - Friday May 18, 2012

* English movie listings

This is the listing for movies that are playing in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol in English from Friday May 18th until Thursday May 24th.

Cines Gran Marbella Puerto Banus
The Avengers

Fuengirola Cinesur Miramar:
Dark Shadows
American Reunion
The Avengers
The Hunger Games
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Coming soon… Men in Black 3

Plaza Mayor Malaga:
Dark Shadows
American Reunion
The Avengers
The Hunger Games
The Avengers 3D
Coming soon… Men in Black 3

Click here to find movie times and locations...

* The British School of Marbella

The British School of Marbella is holding a summer school program that runs from July 9 to August 24 for children aged 18 months to 8 years old. Enjoy creative learning, water fun, field trips and more Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 1:00pm. Click here to read more...

TIP: If you’re considering enrolling your child into the British School of Marbella next year, get a head start and meet other children this summer. It’s a good way to get integrated for the academic year to come.

* The Great Nutrition Company

If you are diabetic or are simply trying to cut out sugar from your diet, you should know that The Great Nutrition Company offers Advantage - a safe sugar substitute that is NOT metabolized by the body passing through unchanged. The sweetening ingredient is Acelsulphame K. The Great Nutrition Company is based right here in Marbella and can deliver overseas too. Click here to read more...

TIP: They offer a whole range of nutraceuticals aimed to assist, control and manage many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, candidiasis, metabolic syndrome X (obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, pre-diabetes), ADD/ ADHD and more.

* Calpe Summer School

Calpe Summer School runs Monday to Friday, 10am – 2pm, for 4 weeks between 2nd and 27th July. Each week children between the ages of 3-11 will enjoy a different theme that provides a unique, dynamic learning experience. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to make new friends as well as learn social, personal and academic skills. Click here to read more...

TIP: Attending Calpe summer school is also a great way to learn or improve your child’s English skills.

* Maison Afrique du Sud

Check out the summer 2012 collection at Maison Afrique du Sud in Marbella where you can find some of the most luxurious and unique collection of sofas on the Costa del Sol. All of their furniture is designed and handmade in South Africa. The showroom is so nice and comfortable you will enjoy just browsing around with a warm coffee and chat with the sales force. It’s a really pleasant experience. Click here to read more...

* Marbella Montessori Summer Club

The Marbella Montessori School summer club in San Pedro de Alcantara starts Monday 30 July until Friday 10 August. The club is open to children aged 2 to 6 years old Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm and will include a variety of activities. Click here to read more…

TIP: The Marbella Montessori summer school offers a flexible enrollment plan where you can pay by the hour, day or week.

* Car maintenance classes

One of our readers would like to bone up on car mechanics and asks, ”I am about to buy a second hand car and know nothing about car mechanics. I would like to take a basic car maintenance class to teach me how to care for the car. Does anyone know of anything like this in the Marbella area? Preferably at a weekend or in the evenings for after work? Many thanks!”

We are still looking for some answers, so please let us know if you can help or forward this link to someone you know who can give a recommendation. Click here to read more…

* Vesarte Marbella

VesArte Marbella is a cultural program organized by the Marbella Youth Delegation that is presenting music, dance and other cultural events in the historic center of Marbella and San Pedro during the month of May 2012. Check out the schedule of events. Click here to read more…

TIP: These events are very informal and don’t always start on time. If you arrive at one of them and nothing is going on, ask what time it plans to start.

* Atletico Las Chapas charity fun day

Mark your calendars on Saturday June 16th for a fun day out with the family at the Atletico Las Chapas Charity Fun Day. Join the fun from 3:00pm to 9:00pm for a proper school sports day, egg and spoon race, 3 legged race, sack race, Mum and Dad race and more... This event seeks to raise money for the Children's Orphanage in Malaga so it is all for a worthy cause too. Click here to read more…

TIP: If you’re interested in holding a stall for the event, they are available for 20 euro.

* Flamenco performances

There are a couple of flamenco performances taking place in Marbella this weekend, which are part of the Vesarte series of events. They are informal events that often do not start exactly on time, so don’t worry if you find a venue without a performance. Simply ask when it will start.

Tonight you can visit Pozo Viejo and Bodegón Montijano at 8:00pm. On Saturday a repeat performance will be held at Bodegón Montijano at 8:00pm. On Tuesday and Thursday (May 22 and 24) El Palique Bar will feature a flamenco guitarist at 9:00pm. Click here to read more…

* Fuerte Nagueles summer camp

Registration is now open for the Fuerte Nagueles summer camp in Marbella. There are both day and overnight sessions. If you're interested in this camp for the month of July, you should sign up as soon as possible. This is a local camp that fills up quickly, because the prices are quite low. Click here to read more…

* Tapas in Marbella center

This weekend 25 establishments in the historic center of Marbella are participating in "Tapeando por el Centro" ('Tapas in the Centre'). On Saturday and Sunday the participating bars are offering a drink and tapa between 12pm and 7pm for only two euro. See our calendar page for a list of participating bars and restaurants. Click here to read more…

* What to see and do in Marbella video

If you still aren't convinced to visit Marbella after watching this video, then I don't know what will. Click here to read more…

* Need a dog bath

One of our readers asks, ”Does anyone know where I can get a large moulded pond liner? Anywhere from Fuengy to Estepona. It's for a dog bath! Thanks.”

We suggest Agrojardin, but perhaps you know of somewhere better? This question was posted on our Facebook wall, so feel free to post there, or send us a message and we’ll send the details on for you. Click here to read more…

* ”Off-the-beaten-path” classes

Marbella town hall is offering fun classes in capoeira, magic, juggling, photgraphy and paintball at reasonable prices that run until the end of July. Great way to practice your Spanish and learn a new skill. Registration open until May 29. Click here to read more…

* Summer camp in Sabinillas

It's several years in a row that I've heard positive things about this Spanish camp in Sabanillas, funded by Unicaja. Again, last weekend a friend of mine said she’s sending her kids there this summer after a successful round last year. If you're looking to immerse your kids in Spanish language at an overnight camp, check this out. Click here to read more…

* Marbella Family Fun Facebook wall

If you haven’t “Liked” our Marbella Family Fun Facebook page, go now and “Like” it. We have lots more information there that we can’t possibly fit into this newsletter. Be sure to check out the “Recent Posts by Others” wall where you can find more Marbella events and information from our fans. Feel free to post on the wall and share with all of us on Facebook too! We really do have a fantastic online community there. Click here to read more…

* Costa Women Fashion Show

After last year's fab show Costa Women are doing it again this Saturday May 19th! Expect more clothes, loads of glamour and gorgeousness, more drama and more paparazzi!

This year's Costa Women fashion show will be styled by DIVINA Idea, Boutique Daniella, London Fashion Cafe and Fashion Workshop with lots of glitz and glam thrown in. Click here to read more…

* Día del Pedal

If you’re in San Pedro this weekend and see bike riders all around, then you’re witnessing the Día del Pedal, or Pedal Day. You should see all kinds of bicycles, even 7 person tandem bikes, 3 wheel hybrids, children's bikes adapted for adults and more.

There is a race that starts on Plaza de la Iglesia in San Pedro de Alcántara at 11:30am (registrations accepted at 9:00am) on Sunday May 20. Finish line is at the Paseo Marítimo de San Pedro Alcántara (boardwalk), where you can enjoy a “Fin de Fiesta” that includes spinning sessions, children's games, refreshment bar and more. Click here to read more…

* Another little joke

Here is another joke from a series that will tickle your ribs (in case you missed it on our Facebook wall):

An exasperated mother, whose son was always getting into mischief, finally asked him 'How do you expect to get into Heaven?'

The boy thought it over and said, 'Well, I'll run in and out and in and out and keep slamming the door until St. Peter says, 'For Heaven's sake, Dylan, come in or stay out!'

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Thank you... and see you next Friday.
Zoriana - Marbella Family Fun

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