Tutoring Services - DO NOT CONTACT ME

by Laura Howard
(Marbella )

Do not contact for tutoring

Do not contact for tutoring

Hi, my name is Laura Howard.

I have tried repeatedly over several years through email to get someone to take down my tutoring adverts/posts.

I was looking for a teaching job and tutoring work when I arrived in Spain 4 years ago. I quickly secured a teaching job and emailed to ask if you could take down my adverts.

I was told this was not possible and I must just write in the comments section of my own advert that I am no longer available. This seems ridiculous to me but I did it any way.

I kept receiving messages from people wanting a tutor so I emailed again but got no response.

4 years later I am getting an email a week from parents!

This has to stop.

I have chosen to use this option in the hope that someone will read it and finally TAKE DOWN MY ADVERTS!

My boss saw one of them and called me into his office wanting to know if I’m looking for another job.

Please please help me.

My email address is loobs22@hotmail.co.uk

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Nov 13, 2020
Not good enough
by: Laura Howard

I am so surprised my rant has actually been posted as an advert. It does not make MFF look good at all but I did not want it published, just dealt with. To add insult to injury they say they have made an exception and taken down my very old tutoring advert but they STILL haven’t. What a joke!

Nov 06, 2020
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Nov 05, 2020
Well done
by: Jake

Good follow up / nice to see real people are engaging.

Nov 02, 2020
You’re getting enquirers weekly?
by: Anonymous


Are you saying that you receive interest for tutoring services weekly?

Oct 31, 2020
Great testimonial
by: Marbella Family Fun

Hello Laura. We apologize for the delay in your request. We are a transparent and fair company and do not normally remove posts or comments. This is cited in the conditions when a reader agrees to the terms and conditions on creating their post. Particularly as this is a completely free service.

In some exceptional cases we may consider removing content, but it is rare.

We are very happy to hear that our services are working and you got immediate and lasting feedback from your job request...even four years on. Marbella Family Fun has that effect. :)

Your special request has been granted and we apologize for the disruption. Best of luck in your new job!

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