III Language School - Instituto Internacional de Idiomas

by Matthew Bredikhin
(Marbella, Spain)

iii Language School

iii Language School

When reading this, please bear in my mind it's the first time I've written such a thing.

About 4 months ago my spouse, dog and car decided we'd had enough of the Russian Federation and we were to follow the dream of my people (I'm a British Citizen) and move to sunny Spain. Something which although was stressful, it has been 100% worth it.

I heard through someone I knew about ‘III’ and how they sponsor a student visa for Russian citizens if you study Spanish with them, for a modest fee of 3,000 Euros of course, but it means a student visa for a year.

I contacted the school for my better half and began the application process, although I found it strange they refuse to consider any visa support documents until you pay the full course fee I had no choice.

What they didn’t tell me was that under no circumstances do they refund your money, failed visa, nuclear apocalypse, illness etc.

An application was made with their supporting documents to the Spanish Embassy in Moscow and was soon after refused, desperate I contacted the Embassy for an explanation, after a backwards and forwards of letters between myself and the Ambassadors office, and I finally got my answer.

There are strict rules for study which ‘III’ don’t tell you about.
Yes ‘III’ are an accredited (through some miracle I’ll add) school, yes they can issue a study/student visa invitation to you but what they can’t/won’t/don’t do is tell you that unless you have a proven need to study Spanish, a history of studying Spanish and evidence to show all of this, you will not be granted a student visa by the Spanish government, and your 3,000 euros which they were so eager for disappears into oblivion.

So I began some research, I started asking around other Russians who had tried to/moved to Spain and had used III and unfortunately it was the same story repeatedly. ALL (not one exception) rejected, III are very happy to tell you that you’ll be granted a visa right up until the point of refusal to which they rudely and aggressively answer ‘We don’t know, it’s your problem not ours’.

Don’t be fooled, the place is a sub-standard school running a scam to foreigners. But why do I say sub-standard?

We made it to Spain, using a ‘Family Re-unification’ visa and I was determined for my other half to use the lessons to at least improve English so my 3,000 wasn’t completely wasted. Now I have seen some bad language schools in my time abroad but this? This was very nearly laughable; the process of reporting them to the Spanish government is on-going.

My ‘tip’ for people is to not waste your money, there are other routes, other schools (ask around) but I implore you, the seemingly perfect visa shop of ‘III’ is a scam. Don’t be fooled.

I am happy to be contacted to provide written evidence for the claims I have made, please use this website if you wish to contact me. I am eager to make sure I spread the word so this doesn’t keep happening to people.

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Sep 29, 2015
by: Marbella Family Fun

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