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MarbellaFamilyFun is a unique resource for families traveling to or residing in the South of Spain. It gives the point of view of children and parents regarding most attractions and activities, so that the whole family can have the best time ever around Andalucia. Let's face it! Traveling with kids is "different"...

Sharing the experience, the laughs and discovering new places as a family is very rewarding and creates fantastic memories that last a lifetime...

But it can also be a strain! Children’s interests vary with age and can be quite different from their parents’. Their endurance, patience, and mood can sometimes spoil the moment... cheap flights to marbella

So why not engage in activities that the whole family can enjoy?

Here, you will find a quick description of most of the things you can do around Marbella, followed by a unique evaluation by each family member on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being an “Nightmare / Skip it!” and 10 being “Excellent / Must go!”). Of course, these are our humble opinions and must be taken with a grain of salt...

To make this site even more objective, we also invite friends and visitors to share their experiences. Please do not hesitate filling out the simple evaluation form to tell us about your trip around Andalusia.

We are always keen to find new things to do and we would love to hear from your family.

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If you are interested in how this site came together, then read Prepare your children for the future - The story behind

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