What makes a restaurant's good 'Bottom Line'

by Morris Bishop

My thoughts on what makes a good restaurant’s ‘Bottom Line’

One of the things that contribute to the overall enjoyment of a meal at a restaurant, is created by ‘The Team’ that, either directly, or indirectly interacts with you.

A simple enough statement, yet to get all the elements as near perfection as possible, is far from simple to achieve. The difference that can be made by just one sub standard part of the team is disproportionate to its total effect. It becomes the principle attribute that you identify with that particular establishment.

Equally though, if, for example the food is of a standard superior to others, you may forgive some small lapses from the team, or if you consider that the value for money is amazing, then possible you will have a degree of tolerance that you would answer ‘YES’ to ‘will we come back.
And that latter statement is the ‘Bottom Line’ that all restaurateurs would love to hear. Because it’s on tomorrows clients that they survive.

The principle five member of the team are, the Owner, the Maître ‘d, the waiting Staff, the sommelier, and the Chef. I don’t care what star rating the owner’s aspirations would have him believe his restaurant falls into, he will not achieve this without schooling his staff to comply with his standards. Don’t blame the waiter if he or she is slovenly in service. Don’t blame the sommelier if drips of wine appear on the tablecloth, or if food doesn’t come up to your standards, both visually, and in taste, for, if the standards have not been Set, and Monitored by the owner then, the probability exists of dissapointment.

Similarly the maître’d must ensure the smooth running of the dinning room and the waiting staff must ‘seek to please, not to tease’ skills are not a natural attribute, but have to be learnt. By the same token you as the diner should treat staff and management without disdain or abuse. Yes if necessary, complain,
do not accept sub standards, but be aware that it's the WAY you complain that will get the best outcome.

This whole diatribe was prompted by Alvaro, the waiter at El Mediovo telling me that chef Miguelito has returned from the UK and Madrid, where he has been for some months acquiring some additional pastry skills, and although the temporary chef was very good, we all missed the little extra that Miguelito conjured up.

Thus the near perfect team is back together again, and together, they are almost unbeatable.

Morris Bishop
November 2012

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