El Angel Feria

El Angel Feria hosts live music, dancing, food, drinks and all the activities you would expect at a local Spanish neighborhood fiesta.

If you're looking for a bit of fun and Spanish culture then don't miss the El Angel Feria. Enjoy music and dancing with live music as well as competitions such as: dominoes, olive throwing, football, pasodobles and the crowning of Mr. and Mrs. Angel. This fiesta dedicates an entire to day to family fun and children's activities. Who wouldn't want to experience a Spanish dominoes contest or give olive throwing a try?

El Angel Feria Schedule - 2015


20.00 - Solemn mass officiated by D. Eduardo Resa Huerta, pastor of the Church of the Holy Guardian Angel, accompanied by the choir of the Virgin Mother of Nueva Andalucia. Followed by, procession of the Santo Angel Custodio then through the streets of the colony.

10.00 - Opening and lighting of the exhibition site. Festivities to include:

  • fireworks,
  • opening ceremony of the fair and festivals of the 2015 Angel by D. José Bernal Gutiérrez - Mayor of Marbella,
  • Coronation of El Angel Feria Queens, Ladies, Children, Youth, as well as Baby Angel 2015. 

23.00 - Great party enlivened by the Orchestra dare.

00.00 - Selection of "LADY ANGEL" and "MISTER ANGEL" followed by dancing and live music by Orchestra Atrvete.


11.30 - Children's games

13.00 - Fair day

16.00 - Children's football final

17.30 - Great children's Party for children with the following activities:

  • Cake and refreshments for all children attending
  • Performance of Mimosin ShowAnd many surprises...

19.00 - Youth Soccer

22: 00 - Big dance accompanied by a full orchestra

00.00 - Folk dances contest, followed by large orchestra dance


12.00 - Domino contest finals

12:30 - Flower pot contest

13.00 - Culinary competition

14.00 - Popular meal with dancing by Grupo Arenal

15.30 - Pasodobles contest

16.30 - Football singles against married men

17.30 - Football single against married women

22: 00 - Trophy presentation of the different competitions at the fair 2015

End of ceremony dance with Grupo Arenal entertainment.

El Angel Feria History

With a very rich history this Spanish fiesta is one to experience. Former president of the El Angel neighborhood Association was quoted as saying, "it's a very ancient festival that is celebrated for more than 200 years" and continued to thank "the delegation of parties so that this event will continue".

We have been told that one of the traditions at El Angel fiesta is the Olive Throwing contest. Have you ever been to an olive throwing contest? Tell us about it in the comments section below...

El Angel Feria Location

Colonia El Angel, Marbella


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